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Beauty Studio Amina is equipped in a modern and luxurious manner. The space is air-conditioned and has free Wi-Fi and TV. It is located in an excellent location, in the immediate vicinity of Supernova Zagreb Garden Mall, with the possibility of free parking as well as the proximity of trams and buses, and as a SUPER BONUS – the possibility of using the gym, wellness center and renting rooms and apartments.

Beauty Studio Amina offers:

  • Hairdressing services
  • Cosmetic services
  • Manicure services
  • Pedicure services
  • Massages
  • Wellness therapeutic services (anti-cellulite, sports and aroma massages, body wrapping, etc.)
  • Makeup services (for weddings, birthdays, christenings, etc.)
  • Eyebrow threading services

Our team also offers various educations related to beauty and health!Contact us for additional information, we are available immediately!We are looking forward to the new members of our family!

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Some of our services

Body care

Namely, today's way of life imposes on us the need for treatments that provide a feeling of comfort, relaxation and satisfaction. Body treatments effectively remove cellulite, reduce volume and tighten the skin.

Face care

Well-cared for skin is a prerequisite for its health and beauty, but also for your self-confidence. In the wide range of our services, choose the most effective treatments that will restore your face's radiance and youth.

Hand and foot care

Hands are extremely important in everyday communication and the way we take care of them is often a reflection of care for the whole body. Beautiful and well-groomed hands say a lot about your personality.


Modern medicine defines massage as a method of physical therapy, which, using a series of systematic movements on the surface of the body, manipulates body tissues, and which is performed for the purpose of directly or indirectly affecting the muscular and nervous system.

Manicure and pedicure

When we talk about manicures and pedicures, the most obvious reason is the position of the body in which both occur - everyone knows that manicures are for your hands and pedicures are for your feet. In addition, there are many shared manicures and pedicures.


With practical work, great educators and an intensive program, in a short time you will open a whole world of professional possibilities. We regularly monitor trends in Croatia and the world. Our education prepares you for the job market in the world of beauty, care and health.

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Makarska ul. 40, 10040, Zagreb, Croatia

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